Sunday, November 4, 2012

A super nutritious veggie that grows itself

I planted mustard green seeds about three years ago and promptly forgot about them.  Since then, every fall and spring when it's cool out and nothing too exciting's around for harvest, the rich canvas of their dark leaves catches my eye amidst an otherwise brown plantscape, and I'm grateful to head inside with a handful of their leaves to spunk up a salad, brighten a burrito, or spice up a soup or stew.

Mustard greens are fantastic in a salad mix, perfect in spicy recipes, or cooked down they mellow out and do just as well as spinach in any dish.  Once cooked, their "bite" diminishes profoundly, much like arugula.

These cholesterol-lowering, cancer-protective, gorgeous, long-lasting, low to no-maintenance veggies are also sky-high in vitamin C, A, and K.  This is one mildly "invasive" garden species I can definitely live with.


  1. This is timely - thanks for IDing one of the reseeding "leaf green" plants that I have growing...mustard greens give a little zip to anything you add them to. I have an area where I used to grow veggies but abandoned it because it was to much trouble to run irrigation/hoses up there for watering...but I have noticed that a lot of stuff that I used to grow up there is now reseeding and thriving without any watering at all. Lettuce, arugula, Asian greens and other stuff. I'm now very excited about my new "reseeding/no-water" veggie beds that will grow themselves!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ellen. I love arugula too and wish it would become independent like yours. I'll have to check your blog to see what zone you're in.

    Take care and enjoy the harvest,

  3. Yes, I hadn't yet connected your name to that lovely blog I read regularly. Thanks. We're pretty much zone 5 (almost) as well, so maybe I'll be so lucky next year....


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